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    Elements and Upgrades

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    Elements and Upgrades

    Post by Ragna on Wed Mar 16, 2011 7:21 pm

    1. Fire
    2. Ice
    3. Ground
    4. Light
    5. Darkness
    6. Lighting
    7. Water
    8. Wind
    9. Sound

    The weaknesses of the elements.
    Fire is strong against Ice but weak against water.
    Darkness is semi strong against fire, ice, and ground but weak against light.
    Water is strong against fire but is weak against ice.

    To wield a element one must place it in their character profile.

    Other elements.

    1. Poison
    2. Venom
    3. Blood
    4. Lasers

    These elements are upgraded levels of the normal elements. If one master the element then they may be able to use one of the 4 above. Such as if you use water you can use blood. Poison and Venom can not be upgraded and thus may only stay as such.
    Lasers are a upgraded level of the light. So, if you master light then you can use this as well. Just do not god-mod.

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