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    Post by Ragna on Wed Mar 16, 2011 12:45 pm

    Deamonx, Ragna 41416%20-%20black_hair%20karasu%20long_hair%20mask%20solo%20yu_yu_hakusho

    First Name: Ragna
    Middle Name: Luther
    Last Name: Deamonx
    Age/ Appearance: 520 years old/ 20 years old
    Race: Demon
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Unknown but has been seen as Bisexual

    Height: 9'2
    Weight: 210 pounds.
    Eye color: Violet
    Skin color: Gray colored pale
    Hair color: Raven Black
    Clothing: Gothic clothes with a long black jacket, long black jeans and combat black boots.

    Personality: Ragna is a lethal killing maching being sarcastic along with being emo character. He is charming and has a weird loving of the hair syndrom. He's mature and quite evil with people he sees as a threat. Ragna at times has been seen as a gentleman and cares great for his friends, that is if he ever will get any. His mysterious nature hides his real actions but due to this has made him seem very enchanting than evil. More will be explained later...

    Talents: Making bombs, Martial arts, Cooking, and Balance.
    Flaws: Impaitent, and is a bit of a cold-hearted individual.
    Goals: Settle down with a being with beautiful hair.

    Likes: Long hair in guys and girls, Kids, Seafood, Wine, and stalking.
    Dislikes: Lizards, short haired people, and skunks.
    Fears: Becoming bald, being outnumbered.

    Weapon: Claws, have been known to inject poison into his victims, His martial arts skills such as hands and feet.
    Elements: Darkness
    Gift: Poison control can make his body poisoness and or transfer poison into his victims.

    Pet: Raven colored cat.
    Side Character: Butler known as Claude.

    Family: Unknown
    Siblings: Unknown.
    History: Ragna Luther Deamonx has had a hard life. He doesn't remember his parents nor his relations. Upon becoming such a well known man he has been looked up to by other demons and or humans. Shockingly enough he is rich and has a butler that would surrender his own life to protect his master. Ragna loves his butler in a odd way. Crazy as it seems, Ragna is taller than an average human or demon being which has gotten people to stop and wander but due to this Ragna doesn't seem to care and has been traveling around his world ever since.

    Other: Ragna has killed many people and has loved many people. When Ragna loves a human or a demon he kills them later on, so beware if you want him to love you. Claude is a demon similar to Ragna but can not transfer or control poison as Ragna can.

    Ragna's Job is a Lethal Killer for hire but that was ages ago so now he works somewhere else which will be shown over time. Ragna is in his very own organization which he is the head of, he will only allow people into his organization for if he sees them worthy.

    It is called "Night Tree" and this organization is for those who love being who they are even if they love hair more than their lovers. It is a organization also that wants nothing to do with short hair, it varies at times however, this organization is also good for the other demons as well as friends. The rest about this crazy organization is unknown for only Ragna knows more about it.

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