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    Lun, Zirima


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    Lun, Zirima Empty Lun, Zirima

    Post by Sadist on Thu Apr 28, 2011 3:25 pm

    First Name: Zirima or Ziri
    Middle Name: Tu
    Last Name: Lun
    Age/ Appearance: 16 (more or less)
    Race: Eternal
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation:Bisexual

    Height: 5'2"
    Eye color: LIght blue
    Skin color:Pale white
    Hair color: white
    Clothing: usually black

    Personality: She is fiesty but can grow to be quite quiet.
    Talents: Her speed, Her lack of feeling pain and her hearing
    Flaws: She gets lonely very quickly and has scars up and down her body
    Goals: To become entirely pain free

    Likes: Pain, gorey things and people who can bere pain just as she can
    Dislikes: Soft people, weaklings and cry babies
    Fears: Becoming a cry baby

    Weapon: Her razor sharp fingernail gloves and knives on a belt around her waist
    Elements: Fire
    Gift: Can deal with fire and burns

    Pet: Her pitbull, Gore
    Side Character: Her older brother, Zakiriah

    Family: Her mother, Gertle and her father, Tuku
    Siblings: Zakiriah (24) Cody (34) and Suzzima (10)
    History: From her very beginning, Zizi was able to deal with pain, sinc eher brother beat her up all the time. she finally began to like the pain and become some what of a sadist. She enjoyed causing pain to others, and was cursed for it. The eternals would not let her or her brother Zakiriah die of natural causes. so she and he roam the world.

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    Approved! ^^

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