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    Setsuna, Hattori

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    Post by Hattori on Fri Mar 25, 2011 12:22 am

    Setsuna, Hattori 6tfc4g4

    First Name: Hattori
    Middle Name: Koshiro
    Last Name: Setsuna
    Age/ Appearance: 200/ 20 years of age.
    Race: Half-Breed {Human, Devil}
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Homosexual- can be transfered to being straight, the girl needs to be constantly on him however to convert him. Before I forget, he is hard to get as well with both genders due to him wanting to find someone who can take care of Eiji with him

    Height: 6'0
    Weight: Between 120-160 pounds. (Known to be 158 pounds)
    Eye color: Grape Purple. Has been known to dull to a crystal purple
    Skin color: Pale
    Hair color: Strawberry blonde fused with silver.
    Clothing: Open clothes looking for a average man. Long trench coat. Long pants that hug his calves and sleeveless shirts and wears collars and such that seem to be to girly. Do to his sexual orientation he has been known to wear clothes ment for girls.

    Personality: Emo in nature, he is mature and a bit to serious in situations. Around the person he loves, he will do anything for them either it being almost crazy to being some what normal. His happiness is always seen but has been known to not be true most of the times. Snappy and a bit bitchy, he can put someone on a emotional roller coaster. The rest about his personality is mysterious and semi lonely.
    Talents: Being a butler- Meaning cooking, cleaning, Putting together things such as video games, computers, electronics, Good at working two things at once, Fighting- meaning he can hold his own against any fight.
    Flaws: Cuts himself whenever he feels sad and smoking habits.
    Goals: To be a slave to his one and only true male lover. Meaning he will stay with the male until death.

    Likes: Blood, Smoking, Lollipops, Working, Typing, Playing Video games, being a slave to his one and only true male lover, cold and lonely areas, and loves butterflies. He also likes young boys and or teenage boys.
    Dislikes: Drinking.
    Fears: Heartbreak

    Weapon: Hands and feet. (Combat using both)
    Elements: Wind.
    Gift: Hattori has a gift to preform spells sort of similar to a wizard, but they are devil like spells. In more terms, he can only use wind spells. As he uses this, it weakens him.

    Pet: None.
    Side Character: Neko Boy- Believe to be his adopted son. Eiji Setsuna.
    Family: None.
    Siblings: None.
    History: Hattori Setsuna was always hated for his actions. Him becoming gay due to a girl breaking his heart when he had proposed to her. Something about him not loving her enough to give her a necklace for she didn't want a ring. Hattori being in college found a young neko infant at his doorstep one morning and being the some what nice man he was adopted the boy and named him Eiji. He is 15 years old. Hattori is a die heart game player and enjoys the company of friends, he also tends to read every now and again when he is alone.

    Other: Hattori is a worker at a bar and Eiji helps with it.

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