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    Ayuzawa, Sora


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    Post by Sora on Thu Mar 24, 2011 7:17 pm

    Ayuzawa, Sora 141584

    First Name: Sora
    Middle Name: ---
    Last Name: Ayuzawa
    Age/ Appearance: 15
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Height: 5'0 in.
    Weight: 130 lb.
    Eye color: Blue
    Skin color: Fair
    Hair color: Brown
    Clothing: She doesn't really pay much attention to clothing. She dresses for comfort more so than style, so she's usually seen in a sweatshirt and baggy pants. She doesn't tend to wear showy stuff, so even in the summer, she sticks to thin longsleeves and jeans or khakis.

    Personality: Sora's shy tendencies tend to hide her true nature, but she's a very calm and open-minded person, and tends to appreciate the simplest things, such as the sound of rain drops hitting the pavement, or the song of birds in the early morning. She's often neutral or indifferent about most matters, and she is often a good shoulder to cry on when need be. The emotions of others can effect her rather harshly sometimes, but that's not a bad thing, it just means she's a caring person, even towards those who don't deserve it. She doesn't enjoy letting anyone suffer. She's a good listener, which factors into what makes her a supportive friend, but she's not always very direct. She has a beautiful creativity and perspective that almost never gets noticed. One of her best aspects would be the fact that she can keep a neutral judgment between two conflicting sides.
    Talents: Art and English
    Flaws: She becomes very softspoken around others, and is very unlikely to stick up for herself or others. Being direct is a challenge for her due to her careful nature. She also tends to be very spacey, especially when something's on her mind, and she often daydreams during class.
    Goals: To find purpose and to keep her mind at peace.

    Likes: Natural Beauty (such as animals, plants, weather), Daydreaming, Pasta.
    Dislikes: The Spotlight, Angering or upsetting others, Blood or any type of serious wound.
    Fears: The Dark and blood (neither being very serious fears) spiders (only in mass numbers, or in mass size) and heights.

    Weapon: None (unless knowlegde counts xP)
    Elements: Water (Theoretically of course, she is human after all.)
    Gift: She's always been could at catching people's emotions, just as she has always been a good observer. She can sense their emotions through their actions, words, and body language. Understanding the reason being their emotions aren't always as clear though.

    Pet: None
    Side Character: Mr. and Mrs. Ayuzawa (Parents)

    Family: Mr. and Mrs. Ayuzawa
    Siblings: None
    History: A long time ago, Sora wasn't quite as timid and shy as she is today. In fact, she was just like any other kid: Loud, energetic, and innocent. But this got her into a lot of trouble, like any child, and her parents, being overworked adults, were often more harsh than necessary. It never led to any physical abuse, but it made Sora more cautious about what she said and how she acted. She now appears to be a shy, fragile little girl in High School. Her father works in an autoshop, and her mother's a lawyer.

    Other: Sophomore in High School

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