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    Eita, Shun {Prince}

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    Prince Shun
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    Eita, Shun {Prince} 482978

    First Name: Shun
    Middle Name: Lunar
    Last Name: Eita
    Age/ Appearance: 300/ 19
    Race: Demon
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual but has been known to lean more to girls.

    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 130 pounds
    Eye color: Black but its real color is red.
    Skin color: Pale
    Hair color: Long and black.
    Clothing: Fancy prince clothing. He will wear anything as long as it is clean and well made. He also wear earrings.

    Personality: Shun is honorable and loyal to his peers. He loves Ragna only cause he had accepted him in the organization. He's mature and has been known to be a good speak. Above all else, Shun is shy and mysterious and cares about others as well.
    Talents: Speaking the truth, Cooking royal foods, Battle plans at times, and organizing the Night Tree.
    Flaws: Has been known to be a little to soft on people who actually did bad things, and will not speak unless spoken to. Meaning you have to call him 'Prince Shun' to get any response from him.
    Goals: Making Night Tree bigger and some what better

    Likes: Girls, Animals, Stars, and hot chocolate.
    Dislikes: Hates mean people who are a bit jerkish.
    Fears: Loosing a limb in battle.

    Weapon: His feet. 'Fighting Style' that uses his feet and brass knuckles.
    Elements: Darkness
    Gift: Can create venom and will use it to his advantage in battle. It makes his fingers and hands numb from using to much venom.

    Pet: Horse. {Painted Stallion}
    Side Character: None.

    Family: Rich and have known to be a king and queen but passed away.
    Siblings: Passed away with his parents.
    History: Shun has been rich and stubborn as well as bratty since the day of his birth. His parents died to normal average means with demons. He was the only survivor and became a little lost for he didn't know what he could do. Upon traveling he met Ragna and was saved by him and now he lives and works with Ragna.

    Other: His job is to make Night Tree better for Ragna especially if he isn't around at days. Another is he is the second head of the Org.

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