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    Shinji, himora


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    Post by Shinji on Tue Mar 22, 2011 4:55 pm

    First Name: shinji
    Middle Name:shi
    Last Name:himora
    Age/ Appearance: 17
    Race:The Enchanted
    Gender: male
    Sexual Orientation: bi

    Eye color: black
    Skin color: light
    Hair color: long
    Clothing: anything he fills like

    Personality: shy
    Talents: cooking,medical,hunting and fighting
    Flaws: easily distracted
    Goals: to find love

    Likes: nice things
    Dislikes: bad things
    Fears: dieing alone

    Weapon: sword,syth
    Elements: shadow
    Gift: super human stranght

    Pet: larg wolf
    Side Character: none

    Family: none
    Siblings: none
    History: he was left alone at a young age. His family was killed when he was 10 , he travels around in hopes to find a new hone and family of his own

    Other: loves both genders he's not picky

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