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    Madison Aimi


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    Post by Aimi on Tue Mar 22, 2011 4:48 pm

    Madison Aimi SoulSisterDarkness
    First Name: Aimi
    Middle Name:---
    Last Name: Madison
    Age/ Appearance: 170/ 15
    Race: Eternal
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 117
    Eye color: Light blue
    Skin color: Pale
    Hair color: Black
    Clothing: Her clothing changes a lot but is almost always black and she almost always wears jeans but if she must be formal she will where a dress. Aimi has contacts but in the mornings when she doesn't feel like wearing her contacts she wears glasses, which she does this about every morning

    Personality: Aimi is very happy, hyper young girl, she often dosen't show her sad side to other people but she isn't afraid to speak her mind when she's ticked off. She's also very curious, like a cat with shiny things, and will do almost anything for her friends.
    Talents: She is very flexible, can cook very well, is very fast and is graceful
    Flaws: Doest trust people very fast
    Goals: To trust people better and find a good guy

    Likes: Playing games, running, jumping, swimming, singing to herself (she is a beautiful singer)
    Dislikes: Bright things
    Fears: Bright things

    Weapon: A dagger and her fists
    Elements: Ice
    Gift: Controlling ice

    Pet: A black kitten
    Side Character: none

    Family: uncle (leaves her alone but pays the bills)
    Siblings: had none
    History: She didn't have much of a life when she was human she just went about her day as a student then something happened to her, she wasn't sure herself, all she knew is that she was in a 'hospital' and then next thing she knew she wasn't aging. Now she is just wondering around trying to figure out what happened to her and trying to make friends

    Other: High School Student Freshman

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