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    Sayuri, Sakura


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    Post by Sakura on Sun Mar 20, 2011 8:00 am

    Sayuri, Sakura A7daf61c4f91bed5b1fea9df1d6bfb00122
    First Name:Sakura
    Middle Name:Rose
    Last Name:Sayuri
    Age/ Appearance:16{Real age unknown}
    Sexual Orientation:Straight

    Eye color:Mix of red/pink, seems more of a darkish red.
    Skin color:Fair, not to tan or pale.
    Hair color:Pink, more of a light color pink.
    Clothing:She likes comfy clothing and wear dresses but not all the time and only the ones she likes,uniforms like the one shown in picture she has 2 other color of them, she pretty much likes to wear what looks good on her.

    Personality: Sakura is a friendly,sarcastic,stubborn{sometimes} girl who likes to have fun, hang with friends,she is one her friends can trust and will be there for them.She doesn't really trust peoples she doesn't know till she gets to know them more but is still nice to them unless they act mean or something and she may tease guys who she's interest in.Sakura likes traveling with Blue to new places seeing new things, anything she finds interesting.She may get annoyed at times depending on what annoyed her or how she feels,rarely gets mad.She also thinks most peoples are easy to read.
    Talents:Cooking,Musical Talent,Arts.
    Flaws:Gets distracted at times,Doesn't pay attention to others sometimes.
    Goals:Find rare treasures,Become a pro artist{Better then how she is now, even though she's really good}

    Likes:Blue{Her pet},Interesting things/peoples,Arts,Treasures,Sweets,Some sports{mainly tennis and track team}, and interesting guys.
    Dislikes:Peoples who think they know everything,Bullies,Her friends upset,No sweets,and not being able to have fun.
    Fears:Losing those close to her and something happening to Blue.

    Weapon: Knife,Small hand gun.
    Elements: Fire
    Gift: Can feel what the peoples around her feel, which sometimes effect her, like if someone is mad or sad she can feel that.

    Pet: Wolf pup,name Blue.
    Sayuri, Sakura Indigo
    Side Character: None.

    Family:Lives far away, she hardly talk or see them much.
    History:Sakura life haven't been bad or too good, she grow up in a rich family so she she grow up in a mansion.Her parents were mostly busy all the time so she rarely talks or see them much, she was tutor with lots of lessons as a child at home and was top in her classes which she gets bored sometimes going to since she already knows most of the stuff they teach.Sakura loves to draw and play piano,violin and other stuff, she's been drawing/playing since a small child. She likes hanging out with close friends having fun doing stuff and going to places with them.She also been in the track team for a long time so she in good shape.As she grows up she feels more distant with her family, till now she was sent her cause of her stubborn and maybe not being wanted home anymore or that's what she thinks, so here she is with Blue.

    Other: Sakura is a student in the academy.

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