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    Nochimuto, Kaza

    Kaza Nochimuto
    Kaza Nochimuto

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    Post by Kaza Nochimuto on Sat Mar 19, 2011 10:55 pm

    Nochimuto, Kaza Tumblr_lgy0eagrn11qcwjqao1_500

    First Name: Kaza
    Middle Name: Dexter
    Last Name: Nochimuto
    Age/ Appearance: 17/ 17
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 140
    Eye color: Light Amber
    Skin color: Fair like a females
    Hair color: Silver White
    Clothing: Punk clothing, tough looking. Wears baggy pants. His school uniform is aveargely over-showey. He likes wearing clothes that make him look tough. The rest about his clothing fetish is a mystery only cause he will wear anything baggy nothing to tight or odd.

    Personality: Kaza is a punk. Tomyboy to the extreme and acts like a happy go lucky guy all the time. Nothing bothers him only cause he likes everything. He's a rough houser and likes to bully his friends for that is how he shows affection. Kaza enjoys the company of his friends to the extreme and he loves everyone at times.
    Loyal, Affectionate, and Passionate to people he sees as nice and caring he will give them the extreme friendship. All together he is just a tough guy with a soft side.
    Talents: Basketball, Sewing clothes, Memorizing things, and Making breakfast dishes.
    Flaws: Can't cook dinner or super, he is allergic to mice.
    Goals: He wants to be like a pro basketball player and marrying a girl who will love him for him.

    Likes: All sports, Rough housing, Horses, Dogs, Cats, and his friends.
    Dislikes: Bullies and or jerks as well as mice.
    Fears: Heights

    Weapon: His fists and a loaded hand gun.
    Elements: Light
    Gift: Light Generation, makes light and uses it as a defense or attack which may burn the eyes for a while and or a short period. It tires him out doing it to much.

    Pet: Hyena pup.
    Side Character: None.

    Family: All live far away, never talks to him
    Siblings: Only child.
    History: Kaza lived in a odd town full of gangsters and brutes. His parents being rich didn't care much for the climate and the changes and fitted in for a while. After the years passed things started going down hill, for he began disobeying his family and getting in the wrong crowed. Sadly, they left him here and he had to be on his own since.

    Other: Kaza is a student in the academy. He's a freshman and tends to act like a senior.

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