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    Sasuyuma Mai

    Sasuyuma Mai
    Sasuyuma Mai

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    Sasuyuma Mai

    Post by Sasuyuma Mai on Fri Mar 18, 2011 2:21 pm

    First Name: Sasuyuma
    Middle Name: None
    Last Name: Mai
    Age/ Appearance: 15 (actual age=123)
    Race: Eternal
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Height: 4'9
    Weight: 92
    Eye color: Brownish Red
    Skin color: Slightly Pale
    Hair color: Red
    Clothing: In Signature or Avatar

    Personality: Mai is usually hyper and 'boucing off the walls'. He hates it when others are sad around him and avoids anyone with anger problems. Though he gets really sensetive when people call him a girl for how he looks or short because of his size. He can have a short temper when he's around unbearable people but he mostly gets along with everyone.
    Talents: Being very agile, playing the piano, cooking unique dishes, and cleaning
    Flaws: His shortness, and his clumsiness

    Likes: Cakes and anything sweet, Cooking and getting a new dish correct. Drawing and reading books (mostly fiction)
    Dislikes: Rude people, bitter or spicy food, burning something(which happens often)
    Fears: The dark, ghosts and demons (yes, he's pathetic)

    Weapon: Double knives
    Elements: Wind
    Gift: Mai can control the wind to his use at a limit.

    Pet: Dragon (Chibi)
    Side Character: Older brother Asahi

    Family: None
    Siblings: Asahi (older brother= 21 (actual age=147))
    History: Asahi and Mai were abandoned by their parents but it was a complete accident. Their parents were rich because they were both actors and were killed by a accident on shoot, leaving Asahi having to take care of (put up with) Mai who was still young at that time. So Asahi had no choice but to get a part time job and get supportive help from family members they have never met. Asahi is currently trying ot figure out wether he should enroll his younger brother into the academy...


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