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    Utato, Sakaki

    Sakaki Utato
    Sakaki Utato
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    Post by Sakaki Utato on Thu Mar 17, 2011 8:35 am

    Utato, Sakaki 41640_1277066276

    First Name: Sakaki
    Middle Name:---
    Last Name: Utato
    Age/ Appearance: 300/ 19 years old
    Race: Devil
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual but takes a liking to girls more.

    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 167 pounds
    Eye color: Red
    Skin color: Pale
    Hair color: White
    Clothing: Fancy rich clothing. Wears leather gloves which have a silky inside. Long black jeans which have been seen to have fur covered ends of each pants leg. His clothing varies but it has been known to be rich.

    Personality: Sakaki Utato is a understanding individual. He's childish when things don't go his way. He enjoys pestering people who he thinks is also a child. Mature when taking over his organization, and lazy when he has nothing to do. He loves to search for treasure and has been known to go to place to place even the ocean to find it.
    He is also mysterious and intellgent.

    Talents: Tapping Dacning, Playing chess, Brewing and making beer, Speaking a animals tongue mainly to his pet falcon.
    Flaws: Can't cook worth crap, due to his childishness he does seem unpredictable.
    Goals: Marrying a girl who is rich just like him.

    Likes: His pet falcon, traveling the world of odyssey, and enjoys playing chess as well as checkers for the fun of it.
    Dislikes: Mice.
    Fears: Rats.

    Weapon: Hidden Dagger Blade, and his Fist.
    Elements: Lightning.
    Gift: Sakaki's gift is he can make typhoons but will tire him out the more he uses it. This gift is hard on his body, for that is why he uses it for self-defense.

    Pet: Falcon, named "Al"
    Side Character: None

    Family: All Deceased
    Siblings: All Deceased
    History: Sakaki Utato's life is and has been a odd one. Since the death of his family which was rich in every way died mysteriously and thus he was the only one to survive. Sakaki bought his falcon named "Al" when he was a teenager and he has been with Sakaki ever since the day they first came to be in eachothers lives.

    Other: Sakaki is the head of a Organization known as "Steel Fang" this organization is and has been known to help the many people here in Odyssey. He and his members will go out and search for treasures of all kinds and sell them at festivals to then donate to other organizations who need the money.

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